Welcome to Weksworns’ Academy!

This is a school for those that are supernaturally inclined, designed to foster their talents and send them out to the world a large a better person (and hopefully aligned with the White Council’s interests). The massive castle is located on a massive plot of land in Northern Scotland, just north of a little town called Halaghast. Its massive edifice can be seen from the town, but those of mundane means hardly ever venture close- they tend to have their electronics cut short about a mile away.

The school has four Houses: Dumore, Vothvinn, Castiel, and Harrihath. Each is represented by an animal, and has traits that will allow students to more easily filter into the school. Dumore, or the Stag, represents Pride and Determination. Vothvinn, or the Bear, represents Courage and Strength. Castiel, or the Fox, represents Cunning and Tact. Harrihath, or the Hare, represents Intelligence and Speed.

Which house will you be chosen for?

Based off of ideas from the Harry Potter series, Weksworns’ Academy is a game played in the Dresden Files RPG system.

Weksworns Academy for the Arcane Arts

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