Weksworns Academy for the Arcane Arts

The Adventure Begins!

The first chapter begins...

Alright, just in advance, I plan on editing this to make it look more story focused. >.> I swear.

Thursday, September, 2012.
They harass 1st years on the train, look imposing. They meet a blond haired changeling named Sarah, a pair of mysterious black haired twins, and make nice with Olysisus and Keelah. They talk about a lot of stuff. Sarah was born in Ireland and moved to the states. They make it to the courtyard. Meredeth gives Elliot a scarf and doesn’t eat at the feast. Sarah doesn’t approve of Merry.

The speech happens and Elliot decides that’s probably a good thing to investigate later.

Sarah gets sorted by the Heads into House Castiel, those twins get sorted in to house Dumore. They go to the house Common-rooms; Vothvinn has a cave-like room with many furs and a bisected Sequoya table. Castiel has a very nice Medieval style room. Casimir and Olysius sleep on the bear, Elliot and Merry find the fox to make Elliot the queen of the common-room.

Terence decides to check out his wizard buddy in the library, and says hello to Mr. Dumbledore. Elliot goes and becomes a fly on the wall to learn more about the strange mist that is about in the castle. She finds something out from a couple (who is also doing naughty stuff tomorrow at XYZ, which she should stake out). So then they decide to go check it out. When Elliot goes back to the common-room to get her stuff and check on the rumor one more time, Merry is passed out with the fox perched on her. The fox decides to follow her on her expedition.

Terence gets the idea and goes to do it too. They walk to the stairs to the basement, and are pretty much immediately found by Warden Cook, who asks them not to go down; he doesn’t want more students to get hurt. So what do they do, but of course JUMP OFF THE FUCKING STAIRCASE to check out the basement. He attempts to block Elliot at first, then has to move the entire floor to stop them. Elliot breaks through the stone, falls down the center of the stair, Cook calls upon the school’s guardians, Casimir somehow shows up, worried about someone moving him around with Magic in his sleep. Elliot breaks through her own maneuver and falls past the locked door to the basement. Terence checks out the other side, which is apparently pitch black. Cook ports down to them, trying desperately to catch Elliot. She reaches out to grab the railing, wrenches back, and they all go back to the dorms, conceding to Cook… in a way. The fox was hiding in Elliot’s bag.

Merry is still sleeping in the Common-room, Elliot makes her go to bed, reads for a bit before noticing Sarah was hiding in the shadows. (Aspect: BEHIND THIS FALSE SMILE)



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