Weksworns Academy for the Arcane Arts

Whispers of the Underground

Mindy joins this game as an NPC today! Her character is a Were-Moose named Persy Snow, who apparently ate a person once. Shit.

Friday, September, 2012
Once 6am rolls around (the end of the cerfew), Elliott immediately exits the common-room and heads to the new head of her house for a schedule- Nicholas Datyom. On her way past the Grand Hall, she sees a tired and angry looking Persy. Persy asks- or rather demands- to be helped, and Elliott agrees. She feels the presence of someone watching her, and takes a moment to inspect. She finds Warden Cook around the corner, talking to Casimir- who is trying to get him to understand that there may be a mind wizard in the castle forcing him to sleep-walk. So, all of them walk together in order to get to Nicholas’ office. In they go, and Nicholas gives Elliott her schedule, when Elliott gets self-compelled for CLOUD OVER MY HEAD. He sees the aura around her, and reacts quietly, saying “that’s interesting.” Persy asks for aid in getting sorted. He sends a crane to Willow, and she sends him a frog note. They go to the library and Willow is standing waiting to sort her! Persy is sorted into Vothvinn.

Elliott goes to the Grand Hall and finds Merry, who looks tired and hungry. She leans against Elliot, who begins feeling a little toasty in the loins, then Merry sighs and backs off- feeling better.

Casimir tries to set up Persy with Olysius, and he wants none of it.

Elli and Merry go to the basement in search of adventure, until their next class. They find that it’s locked, and curse the fact as Cook takes a peek down into the basement. Eli casts a veil on Merry, and they leave after he’s left.



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