Meredith Extrom

A cured white-court virgin with eyes for Elliott.


Meredith Extrom began her life in the United States, in the small family mansion of the Extrom family. Born into the White Court, it seems strange that she would be able to escape her fate as a full White Court Vampire in order to go to school at Weksworn’s.

She arrived at the school and immediately befriended Elliott Misra, who therein lead her to be more social. In their fourth year, as the campaign is underway, Merry comes out to Elliott, eager to rid herself of her Vampiric curse but scared that she will end up feeding off of her in a bought of Teen-lust. Elliott accepts her and the next morning she is rid of her demon.

Meredith is talented in many ways; She is able to spellcast under the domain of earth and is a talented seamstress.

Meredith Extrom

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