Weksworns Academy for the Arcane Arts

A Little Bit of Trouble
The last physically played game.

Mike joins as Wuppus, Terence gets his house wrecked by a drunk duo of Akano and Casimir but finds the creator of the Automoton trash-collectors, Elliott works on getting everyone together with Professor Artemis to check the basement.

The Coin, The Kid, and The Ego

Another recorded session. Hopefully can get this further transcribed.

Elliott is visited by Samyiel, finds the coin, and takes it up, hoping to build a construct. Casimir is hurt by Terence in a minor way, and pouts- but holds up to helping Elliott. Terence finally builds the relationship with Amber, with the help of Elliott and Meredeth. Akano disbelieves that the kid he killed is not dead, finds that the part are not gone, and ends up getting arrested for contaminating a crime scene.

A Murder Most Foul...
An end to child-like innocence...

Damnit, damnit, damnit. Recorded the whole three hour session and it was static because the mic was in the wrong spot. D:> MOOOOOOOVIES. This session, Evan joins the goddamn game as a Child-soldier White/Red Vampire cross. The fun ensues.

Saturday, September, 2012
Akano Vanderlay arrives at the school, four days late for the beginning of the year. He heads immediately into the front gate, and is greeted by Finnius McBean. He is the quite stalward child he is meant to be, and goes to grab his schedual. As he enters, Elliott sees a flash of him in the hall while Meredeth confirms. They decide to check on him later. He heads to the office, expecting to see the old head of house Walter but instead finds Datyom. He is rather cordial with him, but Akano is not cordial back and will not tell him of what happened over his summer. He leaves! Then he bumps into Merry and Elliott, who are more than willing to bring him back to the homeroom over stories of his trip to Poland that summer.

Meanwhile, Casimir and Terence are let out of the Nurses office, and head back to the homeroom in order to change clothes and head out to the village. Terence only invites Casimir last minute, but he is happy to join. They decide to get some honey for Brutis.

In the common-room of Castiel, Akano puts away his things while Merry and Elliott dish to Felicity the Fox about last night’s events (going through the mental labrynth) and she gives them the clue to check into The Village Green for more information about the maze. They thank her, and get a knock on the door from Terence, inviting them to come along to the Village. They accept, and while he attempts to offer Felicity a trinket from the village, she ignores him, saying she wont speak to those from the bear. They leave to go to the village.

At the village they all spit up, Elliott heading to the church with Meredeth to make her donation to the Churches coffers. At the church, they find Reverend Jerry Butler cleaning the stained glass outside, and he nods to Elliott as she leaves her donation. She smiles, and is about to leave when she spots a flash of movement from the Church roof. She tries to sneak at first, but Rev. Butler just allows her access to the bell. When she reaches the top, she finds little else but a displaced shingle. When she lifts it, she finds a piece of paper with an ink pressing of Azriel’s sigil- and immediately throws it away from her self, but catches it a moment later. She rushes down to Merry, wondering what it could mean. The Reverend asks Elliott if Akano has arrived at school yet, and urges her that he can always come to the church in times of need. They head off to the Village Green for some R&R.

Meanwhile, Terence heads out looking for Amber, and stops in at the General Store to pick up some Honey and other objects for the spirits. As he turns to check out, there is Amber, tending to the store and she grins at him. She foists her work off onto a co-worker and heads out to the pub to go drinking with her buddy.

Akano heads to the nearby arcade, hoping to get some rest for his weary soul. He picks a pirate based pinball machine and plays for a good 15 minutes before he is distracted. The bell to the arcade rings as in comes one of his fellow child-soldiers, looking weary and dead-eyed. He asks Akano why he left them in Africa, and if he would ever help save them. When Akano says he doesn’t know why, the child known as Kanweh cries out that he will do the only thing he knows how to do- what they do best- and charge him with the machete. Akano replies that it is the only thing that they can ever do, and begins to hit and defend with his kukri.

It’s at this point that everyone spends their fatepoints to join in on the fight, Elliott arriving first- having been on her way past- and Terence and Casimir next- Terence having ditched Amber to have done so. They all fight for a long while, bruising and battering this poor child-soldier before Akano finally sends his kukri into the other kid’s brain and then slitting his throat. Blood pours everywhere, and Elliott and Terence freak out. Casimir and Akano quietly begin dragging him downstairs and removing the bloody floor boards- while Terence cleans off the machines. Elliott hides upstairs the entire clean-up process. In the basement, they find one particular patch of earthen basement, and begin digging it up to hide the body. After about a foot of soil, they hit a metal box and unearth it. Casimir smashes the outer metal box to reveal the lead-lined box within. Upstairs, Elliott’s paper becomes hot in her pocket, and when she unearths it, she finds the sigil blazing bright and the eye on the back wildly staring outward. She starts to cry and calls for Casimir.

Casimir puts the box in his pocket and heads up when he hears his sister calling, while Akano chops up the rest of the body to bury. When only the head remains, he throws it behind the boiler and calls it a day. Casimir asks Elliott what’s up and she throws the paper at him. He scoffs, tears it in half and crushes it beneath his boot. With a puff of ash, the paper consumes itself. He then takes Elliott to the bar to rejoin with Merry, Olysius and Keelah.

Terence attempts to take Akano back to the school nurse before remembering that he stood up Amber, and says he’ll be back. Akano simply begins limping back to the school with the wounds he sustained in the fight with Kanweh.

At the bar, Elliott and Merry rejoin each other’s presence, and she nuzzles into her shoulder, hoping to get away from the horrors she just witnessed. Casimir goes over to the table with Casimir and begins showing off the box to Olysius, who promptly grabs it and harasses him about it. Elliott freaks out, yelling at Casimir to give the box to a teacher- that she feels strange magic coming from it. They have a quiet social fight about it before Casimir gives up and Elliott and Merry go back to school to give the box to Artemis McEyre.

Meanwhile, Terence attempts to apologize to Amber about his standing her up, and she appears to be chilling out with Olysius- laughing at his ‘costume’ and how realistic it is. She says that he better buy her a beer and spend time with her later to make up for it. He laughs, then goes back to help Akano- who he finds has already limped off without him. They go to the nurse, and Akano gets patched up while Terence returns to his semi-girlfriend. Back at the bar, Casimir tries to hit on an older Asian lady while Terence apologizes to the schmammered Amber. She chuckles, and says that as long as they can hang out another time, that it’s fine. He joking asks if she wants to go to a movie on Wednesday- accidentally spilling the name of a porno theater. She blushes, and says sure. They then end up getting kicked out by Pop Carlyle and go to watch movies at Terence’s apartment. (MOOOOOOOVIES.)

In Artemis’ classroom, Elliott barges in and immediately spills the beans on what just happened. He takes it in stride, asking about the strange box she’s talking about. She pulls it out and he goes to grab it, recoiling just as he touches it. She pleads for him to take it, and he does, but uncomfortably so. He says he will talk to the headmaster about the box, and hopefully not open it- but let her know if he does. He then says she should go offer up some prayers for her soul, and get some rest and relaxation. She agrees, and heads off to the Village Green. There, we fade to black.

A Gap in Time...

Now, the next few sessions were recorded, so this is a place-holder until I’m able to either upload or transcribe them here.

Whispers of the Underground

Mindy joins this game as an NPC today! Her character is a Were-Moose named Persy Snow, who apparently ate a person once. Shit.

Friday, September, 2012
Once 6am rolls around (the end of the cerfew), Elliott immediately exits the common-room and heads to the new head of her house for a schedule- Nicholas Datyom. On her way past the Grand Hall, she sees a tired and angry looking Persy. Persy asks- or rather demands- to be helped, and Elliott agrees. She feels the presence of someone watching her, and takes a moment to inspect. She finds Warden Cook around the corner, talking to Casimir- who is trying to get him to understand that there may be a mind wizard in the castle forcing him to sleep-walk. So, all of them walk together in order to get to Nicholas’ office. In they go, and Nicholas gives Elliott her schedule, when Elliott gets self-compelled for CLOUD OVER MY HEAD. He sees the aura around her, and reacts quietly, saying “that’s interesting.” Persy asks for aid in getting sorted. He sends a crane to Willow, and she sends him a frog note. They go to the library and Willow is standing waiting to sort her! Persy is sorted into Vothvinn.

Elliott goes to the Grand Hall and finds Merry, who looks tired and hungry. She leans against Elliot, who begins feeling a little toasty in the loins, then Merry sighs and backs off- feeling better.

Casimir tries to set up Persy with Olysius, and he wants none of it.

Elli and Merry go to the basement in search of adventure, until their next class. They find that it’s locked, and curse the fact as Cook takes a peek down into the basement. Eli casts a veil on Merry, and they leave after he’s left.

The Adventure Begins!
The first chapter begins...

Alright, just in advance, I plan on editing this to make it look more story focused. >.> I swear.

Thursday, September, 2012.
They harass 1st years on the train, look imposing. They meet a blond haired changeling named Sarah, a pair of mysterious black haired twins, and make nice with Olysisus and Keelah. They talk about a lot of stuff. Sarah was born in Ireland and moved to the states. They make it to the courtyard. Meredeth gives Elliot a scarf and doesn’t eat at the feast. Sarah doesn’t approve of Merry.

The speech happens and Elliot decides that’s probably a good thing to investigate later.

Sarah gets sorted by the Heads into House Castiel, those twins get sorted in to house Dumore. They go to the house Common-rooms; Vothvinn has a cave-like room with many furs and a bisected Sequoya table. Castiel has a very nice Medieval style room. Casimir and Olysius sleep on the bear, Elliot and Merry find the fox to make Elliot the queen of the common-room.

Terence decides to check out his wizard buddy in the library, and says hello to Mr. Dumbledore. Elliot goes and becomes a fly on the wall to learn more about the strange mist that is about in the castle. She finds something out from a couple (who is also doing naughty stuff tomorrow at XYZ, which she should stake out). So then they decide to go check it out. When Elliot goes back to the common-room to get her stuff and check on the rumor one more time, Merry is passed out with the fox perched on her. The fox decides to follow her on her expedition.

Terence gets the idea and goes to do it too. They walk to the stairs to the basement, and are pretty much immediately found by Warden Cook, who asks them not to go down; he doesn’t want more students to get hurt. So what do they do, but of course JUMP OFF THE FUCKING STAIRCASE to check out the basement. He attempts to block Elliot at first, then has to move the entire floor to stop them. Elliot breaks through the stone, falls down the center of the stair, Cook calls upon the school’s guardians, Casimir somehow shows up, worried about someone moving him around with Magic in his sleep. Elliot breaks through her own maneuver and falls past the locked door to the basement. Terence checks out the other side, which is apparently pitch black. Cook ports down to them, trying desperately to catch Elliot. She reaches out to grab the railing, wrenches back, and they all go back to the dorms, conceding to Cook… in a way. The fox was hiding in Elliot’s bag.

Merry is still sleeping in the Common-room, Elliot makes her go to bed, reads for a bit before noticing Sarah was hiding in the shadows. (Aspect: BEHIND THIS FALSE SMILE)


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