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This will be edited further, but for now, here’s a list of the cast of characters!

For those of you unaware of the site where this game is being played, please go here!

Cast of Characters

Elliott Misra, the spell-slinging nephilim.

Casimir Misra, the brutish son of Zeus.

Wuppus, a trickster in debt.

and Alexander, the captain of the Cheerteam.

…with their friends:

Meredith Extrom, the cured white-court Spellcaster.

Akano Vanderlay, the half-red, half-white child soldier.

Terence Schuler, the ghostly Canadian.

Amber McAlpine, the hot-headed Scotswoman.

Olysius, the minotaur Captain of the Wrestling team.

Keelah, the shy amazonian warrior-princess.

Professor Artemis McEyre, the fatherly potions-master.

…featuring appearances by:

Felicity the Fox, the strange gossip-vixen of House Castiel.

Brutis the Bear, the ever-weary protector of House Vothvinn.

Sarah, the gossip-spawn of Summer Fey.

Nicholas Datyom, the shady Master of House Castiel.

with Billy Piper as the spirit of House Harrihath.

And Albus Dumbldore as the man-in-a-book.

…And many, many more!

Main Page

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